Episode #3

A Code Review

Today we will do our first code review.

I picked a library from my colleague Luca Pizzamiglio called repoctl, which is a tool for handling FreeBSD package files in Rust. The goal is to improve the codebase and make it more robust and idiomatic.

▶ Run and edit the code on Gitpod


Option, Result, Error handling, URL parsing, external crates

Things I mentioned during the show

Things I should have mentioned (but forgot)

  • You should definitely create a pull request to repoctl! Luca and me will support you if we can. Below are some ideas.
  • Replace things like fuf and fuf2 in the tests with a data provider
  • Use unwrap_or_default() where useful
  • Run clippy on the project and fix all code smells.
  • Somebody should implement Default for Repository.

Resources and licenses


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